How to Increase Height Naturally

How to Increase Height Naturally
How to Increase Height Naturally

While going through the comments and queries which we are getting via mail, I could see that a lot of people are searching for ways to increase hight. So this becomes a most requested topic for us and that’s why we have decided to research and post an article on How to Increase Height Naturally at Home. So, what-up guys, we are from The TheHomeremediesBlog and today we are going to talk about How you can increase your height naturally without taking any harmful chemicals or pills.


How to Increase Height Naturally at Home

So the first question is, will we really get a height increase? I studied several of our ancient ayurvedic scriptures well to get a response, and also had discussions with many top-notch modern medical doctors to understand both viewpoints. On the other hand, while modern medical professionals provide no other alternative than injections of human growth hormone, Ayurveda has a set of simple practices by which hundreds and thousands of people have already grown taller. Where contemporary, On the other hand, Ayurveda goes far further to classify those foods and herbs in nature that specifically affect height. Science usually recommends a balanced diet and physical exercise. For many western physicians, it may be a hard pill to take, but Ayurveda clearly states that if you are under 21 years of age, regardless of your biology, all you need is few basic ingredients, faith in your mind, and strong willpower to shoot up your height. That is what it is all about in this post.


Bamboo/Baans Murabba

Early morning after you have woken up had your morning glass of water, done with ablutions, and are ready for the day, execute the first step of this holistic routine. which is simply to have one piece of Bamboo or Baans murabba. have you seen a bamboo tree grow? its intrinsic property is to grow fast and tall. that’s exactly how bamboo works within your system. ayurvedic scriptures identify bamboo shoot to be one of the most potent medicines for height growth and overall body strength. even modern scientists have found bamboo shoots to be exceptionally rich in calcium, phosphorus, protein, and various other amino acids that are vital for a taller frame. bamboo muraba is prepared by boiling the bamboo shoots and then soaking them in sugar syrup. but you need not search for a bamboo tree around it is easily available online.

At this time when your system is empty eating a piece of bamboo muraba will have the most impact. after having it wait for at least 30 minutes before you eat your breakfast. let it work. eat it slowly. if you find it to be too sugary you can even wash it with clean water before intaking. moving on to step number two.


Ayurvedic Tonic to Increase Height

All right so after two hours of having a nutritious homemade breakfast, it is time to have this powerful ayurvedic tonic that is especially for height. to make it you will need 400 grams of Ashwagandha root powder, 100 grams of Shatavari powder, and 500 grams of Thread Mishri. mix all of it and keep it in an air-tight glass container. don’t worry this will serve you throughout the course. both Ashwagandha and Shatavari find an elaborate mention in the ayurvedic text for their huge role in developing the Asti Dhatu. which is most important for bone growth. The latest modern science study suggests that these two herbs help increase the human growth hormone. which is what you need to grow taller. now to make the tonic, just mix one teaspoon of it in one glass of warm camel milk. yes, you heard it right camel milk. neither cow milk nor buffalo milk will be effective.

Just like how buffalo milk promotes lethargy and weight gain, which is the intrinsic property of the buffalo itself. ayurvedic scripture suggests that camel milk has the property to boost height. of course, finding fresh caramel milk is far from practical. but do not worry it too is easily available online in natural powder form. to use it take about one and a half tablespoon of camel milk powder and add one glass of hot boiled water into it. mix it well and your tamale milk is ready. now add the ashwagandha Shatavari powder in it and mix well. you can further add thread Mishri to sweeten it. now have it slowly sip by sip. let it nourish your whole body. after having this tonic make sure that you do not eat anything for at least 2 hours. let it do its magic. later you can have lunch.

Food to Increase Height Naturally

Now if you’re really serious about growing taller then, it is imperative that you are cautious about what you eat throughout the day. if you regularly eat preservative-laden packaged foods, refined flour-based Chinese foods, western junk foods, or even Indian outside food, then I am sorry to say but you are not serious about this. ayurvedic scriptures place an extraordinary emphasis on eating the foods that nourish the Astidhatu. which is one of the Saptadhatu that gives a solid structure to the body. to put it simply eat homely food. according to Ayurveda, some foods are exceedingly beneficial for increasing height. these include desi cow dairy products. especially fresh butter, curd, paneer, and rice kheer. ripe bananas, mangoes, dates, and chikus are some fruits that are very helpful. all dals are rich in protein and recommended. but black urad dal finds a special mention.

Exercise to Increase Height Naturally

if you notice all these foods are hard to digest but are extremely nourishing for the Saptadhatus. so it’s crucial that you include them in your diet but as per your digestive capacity. another important factor that determines your height is your activity level. if you spend your day lying as a couch potato then I’m sorry to say it’s not helping. ayurvedic tech suggests stretching exercise to be the best workout for height growth. one simple stretch is the tadasana. simply stand on the ground barefoot with your legs and feet joined together. stretch your hands up as far as up as you can with your body weight on the fingers of your feet. try to hold for as long as possible. Chakrasan is another powerful yogic asana that elongates the spine. then the most important of all is the Surya Namaskar. a set of 12 poses. it is the mother of all stretching exercises. don’t rush through them do them slowly and comfortably. spending just five minutes on each of these three asanas daily can bring forth extraordinary results for you. not only this these stretching exercises will also help you digest the foods for the height that we have discussed. so don’t skip. if you are serious, consider it mandatory. you can do it in the morning before step number one or in the evening.

Now there are a few more things which will amp up your progress. like, Maintain up straight posture, Massage your body 20 min before bath, Practice No Fap, Press acupressure points, Live stress-free, Spend time in the sunlight, etc.


Tonic before Sleep to Increase Height Naturally

All right so after you have spent your day well and had your dinner. then about 30 to 40 minutes before going to sleep, have another glass of warm caramel milk
mixed with one teaspoon of that ashwagandha powder. yes, it is to be consumed twice a day for optimum benefit. just a heads up camel milk is not as tasty as regular cow milk. but you will easily get used to it in two to three days.


Stimulation of Pituitary Gland to Increase Height Naturally

Then finally when you are just about to sleep, there is one last step that involves the stimulation of the pituitary gland. pituitary gland that we all know is the gland found in the brain which secretes the human growth hormone. it is this human growth hormone which is responsible for height. the step is easy. you just need to sit cross-legged on your bed or any comfortable position with your spine erect. close your eyes and just try to concentrate in between your eyebrows. yes, this is where the pituitary gland is located. it is also referred to as the third eye in yogic low. keep all your concentration at this point. do not over stress. be gentle. of course, you might experience some tingling pain, etc. but let that not distract you. its part of the process thoughts will crop up, just ignore them. keep concentrating. do this every night before sleeping. two minutes is a good start and gradually increase it to five minutes. it
will be a game-changer. then go to sleep.

Sleep is another vital factor often overlooked that determines our height. it’s no hidden secret anymore that our bodies actually grow when we are sleeping.
and when it comes to optimum sleep, quality precedes quantity. so have a good sound sleep of at least eight to ten hours depending on your age and wake up fresh and energetic the next day to follow this powerful routine.



Just to recap in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast have a piece of bamboo rubber. then two hours after breakfast, have one glass of warm camel milk with one teaspoon of ashwagandha Shatavari powder. have this same tonic 30 minutes before going to sleep at night as well. as a final step practice stimulating the pituitary gland by concentrating on it for 5 minutes. ensure that you do not ignore a well-balanced homely diet daily, stretching exercises, and quality sleep.

Increasing height might sound a daunting task. but if you really follow every bit of what I’ve told in this article, I assure you, our ancient text assured that you will be amazed to see the result. measure your height after one month. but I want you to follow it consistently for at least three months. it is just a one-time investment the satisfaction of which you will enjoy for the rest of your life. so today measure your height accurately, put it in the comments, and come back to share your results with all of us.

I have linked all the products required to follow this routine in the description box below. just in case they go out of stock you can easily get them offline from any ayurvedic store. let nothing stop you.


Found this article helpful? if yes then please don’t forget to comment below. we will see you in the next article, till then stay healthy, stay fit and continue reading TheHomeremediesBlog. Thank you.


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