The Best Ayurvedic Multivitamin Pills

The Truth About the Multivitamin Industry
The Best Ayurvedic Multivitamin Pills

Well, we all understand how important vitamins and minerals are for daily body function but should you be taking multivitamin supplements? do multivitamin really work? could multivitamin be dangerous? if yes then, how to identify the best multivitamin pills? which multivitamin pill should never enter your body? let’s find out.

Towards the end of this article, I will also share with you a 100% ayurvedic multivitamin pill that checks all the right boxes. coming up on the other side all about multivitamins. stay tuned.


The Best Ayurvedic Multivitamin Pills

Hello, friends welcome to The Home remedies Blog. Multivitamins are a giant 30 billion dollar industry in the US alone. One out of every three Americans taking multivitamins daily. In the last two decades, the trend has shifted to India as well with people enthusiastically buying them for various purposes. But do these pills really work? well, it depends.


The Truth About the Multivitamin Industry

One major problem is that almost 90% of the multivitamin pills sold in the market won’t get properly absorbed by your body. this is because most multivitamin companies do not mention the source of their vitamins and minerals. They have been extracted from real foods or made synthetically in a lab. we consumers have no clue about it. if you go through the ingredient list of any such multivitamin box, you would find chemical names as its ingredients. of course vitamins and minerals can be extracted from petroleum products animal body parts and whatnot.

It’s like if you have an iron deficiency you start eating a piece of iron. that’s not how our body works right. a nutrient has to be in absorbable form and probably that is why most people even after regularly consuming these pills face nutrient deficiencies. in fact, research has shown that regular consumption of such multivitamins can rather cause damage to the body.


Root Problem with Multivitamins

Do you know what is the root problem here? it’s that the FDA does not regulate what goes inside these multivitamin pills. it’s shocking but the reality is that companies need not prove the safety or effectiveness of the product they are selling. It means you can right now create a capsule claiming it to be a multivitamin and sell in the store. it’s perfectly legal. due to such weak regulations, brands take undue advantage and so numerous cases of fake products, unreasonable claims and poor quality of products have come to limelight.

It was found that 83 of the fish oil in the market goes bad before it’s packed in capsules and sold. so those tall claims of the goodness of omega-3 seem far-fetched. so does that mean all multivitamin supplements are a waste of money? should we stay away from them altogether? The answer is No, not really. but you should keep a couple of things in mind.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Taking Multivitamins

Firstly multivitamins are not meant to be consumed casually. you should take them only after they are prescribed by a doctor that is in case of a nutritional deficiency only. we should come out of this mindset of taking pills for no reason.

secondly, you should choose the multivitamin which mentions their food sources in the ingredients. they should not be synthetically made. because only the brands who have the courage to mention the food sources in their ingredients would be away from such shady practices.


Ayurvedic Multivitamin Pills

Talking about multivitamins in an ayurvedic context you might be surprised to know that fulfilling nutritional deficiencies through pills are not a new concept. Ayurveda is full of such powerful formulations carefully prepared in the form of pills. that means even Ayurveda has a smart backup plan when the food you eat does not fulfill your daily nutritional needs. one such tablet is Navratna Rasa.

As its Sanskrit name suggests Navratna rasa tablet is prepared from the extract of nine precious gems. each gem serves a specific purpose. it involves an elaborate process of purification as mentioned in the texts which take days to get an edible form of these gems. generally, it’s in the form of Bhasma. it is then gold plated which forms this narration rasa tablet. when made under proper ayurvedic norms it counts among the best medicine for bone degeneration and general weakness. it is known to be effective for numerous health problems. whether its richness of nutrition or its highly absorbable form achieved
through an elaborate process it is capable of putting most modern multivitamin tablets to shame. it’s multivitamin in the true sense. the traditional process of making this tablet makes it so easy to absorb that it can be consumed by even a three-year-old or a hundred-year-old. Also, you need not have it always. take with milk morning or evening for two to three months and then stop. that’s enough to reap its benefits. Navratna rasa tablet is only to be avoided by people suffering from stones in kidneys or gallbladder. all in all, we need not discard all the multivitamin supplements.


Foremost we should strive to eat fresh seasonal fruits vegetables and whole foods making a balanced diet. however if somehow we are not able to fulfill the
needs and face nutritional deficiencies, we should choose the one which mentions a clear list of ingredients. in that respect ayurvedic Navratna rasa is undoubtedly a better choice. you to buy Navratna Rasa online also.


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