Top 5 Best Selling Products at Chemist Shop

Top 5 Best Selling Products at Chemist Shop
Top 5 Best Selling Products at Chemist Shop

More than often we go to a chemist shop without a doctor’s prescription hoping to solve an immediate health problem. However not all the products deserve your hard-earned money. for this article, I have visited some chemist shops to find out the most frequently bought products by Indians. so in this article, we are going to talk about Top 5 Best Selling Products at Chemist Shop.

After thoroughly researching these products. I have selected five products at the chemist shop which need your immediate attention. I am highly impressed by a few of these products while others are simply a disaster.

In this article, I will be unwrapping five products and the chemist shop whose truth I think you should know about. So without any further delay let’s get started. Hello, friends welcome to TheHomeremediesBlog.

Review of Top 5 Best Selling Products at Chemist Shop

Before I reveal the products, I want to assure you that none of the brands of these products or their competitors have paid me. Just like you, I am a consumer looking to buy genuine products for myself and my family.


Starting with number five on the list is Revital. Revital is among the largest sold supplements for daily vitamins and minerals. but is it worth your hard-earned money? Let’s dig in to. Begin with you should know that Revital is a non-vegetarian product. Yes, the outer shell of Revital capsules is made gradient called gelatin. Gelatin is a flavorless gelling agent derived from the collagen taken from animal body parts, like skin, bones, and connective tissues. Shocked? well, that’s the reality of this product and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Impressed by the long list of vitamins and minerals mentioned on its label, Most people pop a pill or two on a daily basis without knowing from what they have been extracted. Check the ingredients label. The very first ingredient is peanut oil followed by minerals whose source is not mentioned. Then comes food-grade gelatin which makes this product not suitable for vegetarians. Bulking agent, humid tent, vitamins, again no source mentioned. Ginseng root extract, emulsifier, hydrogenated vegetable oil, beeswax, preservatives, synthetic food colors.

What do you think can you ever get any health benefits from such ingredients? I guess even Maggi has more ethics. Also, the vitamins and minerals could be synthetically derived which do not get assimilated in the body. This is the reason most people mindlessly pop these pills without actually getting any help from them. rather these capsules damage your body. These companies hire a famous personality and promote these products as it’s for health. It’s high time we get aware of such malpractices.well to get vitamins and minerals I would advise you to eat a variety of seasonal fruits in rotation throughout the week.



Number four on the list is Safi. Humira Safi is another popular product at the chemist’s shop. Claimed to purify the blood naturally. Most people use it to reduce pimples to get clear and glowing skin. The company even boasts of its twenty-one day’s Safi challenge. So is this product really worth the craze?

Going through its ingredients, I found that this internal detox formula is a part of Unani medicine. Unani like our Veda is based on reating a balance between the five fundamental elements in the body. In general, pimples are a result of excess heat in the body. If you closely go through the ingredients of Safi it comprises mostly of cooling herbs like Gulab and shisha. When consumed appropriately it comes down any inflammation reducing the pimples. The ingredients of Sofi are a hundred percent natural but however one should understand that Safi is just a promoter of blood purification and not a one-step solution.

What I mean is that if you are regularly eating hot, spicy, fried foods, smoking often, drinking too much tea, indulging in alcohol, and then having Safi along it won’t help you much. This is the reason it works magically for some while it doesn’t show any benefit to others. A balanced lifestyle is key to letting such medicines work. Moreover, I recommend you to try sake for a month or so and then stop for a while. Do not let your body get used to it. overall Humdara Safi is a great product.



Number three on the list is Glucon-D. Manufactured by Heinz an American food processing company. Glucon-D is probably the most popular energy drink among Indians. Although is it safe? can it be consumed on a daily basis? is it a good interim workout drink? well to answer these questions let’s dive into the ingredients. A regular version of Glucon-D is 99.4% glucose along with calcium phosphates has minerals and vitamin-D. Just three simple ingredients. basically, it’s glucose and we all that glucose is a simple sugar that provides energy. One serving of Glucon-D is four teaspoons which will give you 31 grams of carbohydrates. And these carbohydrates are coming from glucose. The company recommends two servings on a daily basis. But do we need it?

The straightforward answer is No. To understand this, we must know that whatever food we eat gets converted into glucose for energy. Eating three meals a day we get enough for the daily supply of glucose. If we further supplement glucose with this drink daily, it will be in excess which would ultimately get stored in the form of fat. So is Glucon-D a bad product? No, it’s good but the trick lies in its intended use.

In my opinion, this energy booster is only meant for certain situations. When you face a sudden loss of energy. Be it a sunstroke or when you get down after puking or when you get unconscious due to low energy. But strictly not for daily usage. Not in between workouts. neither it will help you gain muscle.

Consider going to a hospital in getting a drip of glucose daily. Does it make any sense?
Exactly this product is just a replacement for such rare situations. I guess I need not tell you why you should stay away from the flavored versions of Glucon-D. Which are not even 100% glucose but sugar along with artificial flavors and colors.



Number two on the list are Strepsils. When we are down with sore, throat cold, or cough, we look for instant relief from that uncomfortable feeling. Most of us tend to get our hands on the easily available and convenient Strepsils. But are they really good for you? Each tablet of Strepsils consists of 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol, Amylmetacresol BP. The two effective modern medical drugs to kill pathogenic microorganisms causing acute sore throat due to upper respiratory tract infection.

Although what concerns me are the other ingredients that have just been added to improve the aesthetics of the spell. Mainly this petroleum-derived synthetic sunset yellow color and artificial orange flavoring. Which may have serious side effects. Even Vicks has artificial ingredients. This is why I recommend a better alternative which is also present at the same chemist shop. Humdard Sualin. prepared solely from age-old herbs like mulethi, tulsi, and dalchini, It is a much better option. Remember your grandma giving you
a stick of mulethi when you had cuff issues or making a herble cadha for you to calm down any throat infection.Well nothing like it but you can consider Sualin close to a packaged version of it. so the next time when you are down with cold or cough instead of Strepsils or Vicks just keep a few tablets of Sualin with you.


Kayam Churan

Finally, the number one product at the chemist’s shop that needs your attention is Kayam Churan. Kayam Churan is among the prominent products used by Indians to treat constipation and other digestive issues. It is an ayurvedic product made solely out of herbs. But does that mean it can be consumed daily without harm? No. this is because the major ingredient of Khayyam Churan is Senna leaves which are a stimulant laxative. Stimulant laxatives are fast-acting laxatives that induce bowel movements by increasing the contraction of muscles in the intestines and are effective only when used on a short-term basis. But if you start using them on a regular basis it can result in developing a laxative habit by beaconing the intestines even further.

So Kayam Churan is an effective medicine to provide a sudden push to your digestive system. If you use it only for a few days when you are facing the problem. Consuming it daily will just damage your digestive system even further. It should be noted that Kayam Churan is not recommended for pregnant women as it may cause bleeding due to its hot potency ingredients. definitely, a great product in the market just uses it wisely.


So friends these were all about the Top 5 Best Selling Products at Chemist Shop which I felt needed your immediate attention. as you saw some of these products are made for your well-being. But many people are using them with unintended purposes. while some have seriously disappointed us with revitalizing the trophy for one of the worst products and the chemist’s shop.


I hope you found it to be helpful if this then please show me your support by giving this article a big thumbs up. what next would you like to see on this blog? comment below. you can now support my work so that I can bring more of such articles for you.


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